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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusReporterUpdatedSummary
   00287532   OthernonenewThe_Kaindl_AT2015-11-27new spawned sedan pulls to the right while driving
   00287743   Othernonenewsiftco2015-11-27Can't remove tires.
   00287761   Ingame UInonenewoakbough2015-11-27Cannot remove items hands
   00278162   Structuresnonenewjoe_mcentire2015-11-27scaffolding without any building (intentional?)
   00287801   SoundnonenewSW3SUB2015-11-27[Player Ghost Sounds]
   0028781    Charactersnonenewbraybraybrays2015-11-27Character stuck in rock. (fixed unsure how to remove/update this??)
   0028779    ServernonenewSW3SUB2015-11-27[Server Clock]
   0028778    ItemsnonenewSW3SUB2015-11-27[Weapon Textures]
   002865881 Game freezesnoneacknowledged (Geez)Zurvivalist2015-11-27Unplayable Freezing
   00210478   Feature requestnonenewjoe_mcentire2015-11-26swamps are only ankle-deep - make them deeper!
   00272092   Structuresnonenewjoe_mcentire2015-11-26space behind reception desks in hospitals/hotels is too narrow
   002873152 Game crashnoneassigned (Geez)frackyboom2015-11-26Freeze and crash
   0028777    WeaponsnonenewVilzku2015-11-26MP5-K iron sight doesn't work
   002869424   Game crashnoneassigned (Geez)tenors882015-11-26Game failing to load properly .58 / .59 exp
   0028775 1 Glitch abusenonenewArshia2015-11-26[.59 EXP 0000005] cant move my car
   00285283   Weaponsnoneresolved (Geez)Ja-Mes2015-11-26chambering ammo into a gun with new ui
   002624741 Environmentnoneresolved (Geez)HugoStiglitz2015-11-26Pond ripples (Normals) pan with player movement
   00278663   Structuresnoneresolved (Geez)Darcion2015-11-26flying logs pieces
   00277004   Structuresnoneresolved (Geez)Darcion2015-11-26flying trash bin
   002039531 Structuresnoneresolved (Andy)A.T.J2015-11-26Bin block door
   0028773    ItemsnonenewDarkem2012015-11-26Netting is way too rare
   0028772 1 InventorynonenewGoib2015-11-26two items stucked on the same inventory slot
   00285971   InventorynonenewTimF2015-11-26Swapping between SMG and Primary gun has high chance of losing item
   002877121 Movementnoneacknowledged (Geez)Arshia2015-11-26[.59 EXP 0000005] cars slips down way when spawns in gradient places
   00287612   Ingame UInoneacknowledged (Geez)SW3SUB2015-11-26[Crosshair Needs Tweaks]
   002877021 Glitch abusenonenewalcoac2015-11-26raining grenade hack?
   002423121 Environmentnoneacknowledged (Geez)joshtmcc2015-11-26V3S merging with landscape objects
   00287192   Environmentnoneacknowledged (Geez)starvingart2015-11-26Tried to change my sedans tire and the car got pulled half way into the earth and got wrecked!
   00269293   Itemsnoneresolved (Geez)edwin32015-11-26V3S works with ruined battery/glow plug
   0028769    Itemsnonenewtherealclown2015-11-26[.59 Exp] Cooking Pot vs Portable Stove
   002876531 PerformancenonenewPwnDailY2015-11-26Client fps cut in half [0.59]
   00287081   WeaponsnonenewHrcAk472015-11-25[0.59 4th EXP] I have lost 2 AK-74 mags while attempting to reload my AKS-74U (on -newui)
   00287371   Player stucknoneassigned (JStewart)Saltybogey2015-11-25Stuck under house
   0028764    Ingame UInonenewGavtheboy812015-11-25Guns and ammo
   00286555   OthernonenewNysyth2015-11-25Sedan refuses to move with all 4 wheels & other parts required to run
   00287331   Inventorynonenewgjack2015-11-25Items Sticking in Inventory (New UI)
   00287492   Inventorynoneassigned (Geez)zombieland2015-11-25weapons drop automatically when swimming - can't pick up again
   00286662   ItemsnonenewMelak2015-11-25Item duping and taking "space" for nothing
   00287561   Itemsnonenewfing242015-11-25Amphibia S 10rd clip
   00287592   Itemsnonenewfing242015-11-25Sporter 22 10 rd mag
   00287581   Movementnonenewdawud2015-11-25[suggestion] make character able to look up
   00287543   Itemsnonenewfing242015-11-25PSO Scope
   002870162 Charactersnoneacknowledged (Geez)Runs with Cows2015-11-25Chest Holster malfunction 0.59 patch #3
   002836741 Othernoneresolved (Geez)Azeh2015-11-25Water pumps not working.
   00287472   Soundnoneacknowledged (Geez)K-22015-11-25Direction of infected sounds is static and does not change regardless of player position
   002874221 Balancingnoneacknowledged (Geez)Gekker2015-11-25Zombies can punch a driving car and make it flip
   00287551   Itemsnonenewfing242015-11-25SKS 10rd clip
   002874522 Game crashnoneassigned (Geez)Arshia2015-11-25[.59 EXP #3] got crashed while playing in novo
   0028748    Soundnoneassigned (Geez)sanguine2015-11-25[0.59 EXP] Far-away gunshots sound like they're going off right next to you.
   00287522   Itemsnoneacknowledged (Geez)therealclown2015-11-25[.59 Exp] Cannot Skew Human Steak
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